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Monday, January 17, 2011

Warning: this post probably sounds like I need tranquilizers. And maybe I do, maybe I do

I'm caught up, people!  I've just been running around this weekend and neglecting my Blog.  Actually, I've been to every store (Except Bed Bath and Beyond and I am looking there today....) trying to find that dang green contact paper with the white swirly design on it like what Toni got at Target.  I'm to the point I'm coveting AND stalking it, I dreamed about it last night, too.  I am enjoying that rush, you know, you go to the store, you rush inside, you find someone as soon as you can and blurt, "do you have any shelf paper or contact paper and where is it?"  (Because I am shopping in totally unfamiliar stores--like K-mart, I just never go there, their stuff seems expensive to me, and I am branching out to other Targets, dollar stores, Home Depots etc. LOOKING FOR THIS STUFF!!)  You follow the directions they gave you, or, if they are a good employee they say, "right over here," and they LEAD you right to it, and your heart is pounding and your eyes are scanning, where is it, where is it, looking for that pop of green, searching, searching, anticipating....oh, they only have boring contact paper and the puffy shelf liner in 40 styles/colors.  DANG!   Disappointment, now where am I going to go???  On to the next store....It's a sickness.
Is there anyone willing to pick some up for me and ship it to Kansas?  I'll pay $5 more than what it costs to buy and ship it, seriously, I HAVE to have it at this point! 

So, back to Target...my Target has the WORST stockers/product orderers/buyers on the planet.  I live a couple blocks from a shoppers paradise and Target is super-close and closer than Wal-mart, where I prefer to shop over Target, so I'll run in Target for things that I consider staples, like a lemon or even lemon juice in the little plastic lemon, you know, the stuff that never goes bad?  The stuff they COULD stock hundreds of in the event they run out of fresh lemons...  What store doesn't have a single lemon?  They don't have either.  Or I run in for a bag salad, not a Ceaser to be had.  I don't know why I expected any different with the contact paper.  They had ONE roll of ONE design left, the blue and pink circles on a white background.  Ugh! 
I am also still mad at Target for their return policy.  I received a paper lantern with a Christmas motif (I think it was a Christmas tree) in a work gift exchange a few years ago.  Not something I thought I needed or liked and the box clearly said TARGET on it, so I stood in line to return it after the holidays and was told that they could not look it up and they could not return it for even 1 penny since it wasn't in their stupid computer.  I asked, what am I supposed to do, this is CLEARLY your product, and you aren't willing to accept it back?  Totally unopened and everything.  Manager couldn't even do anything.  WASTE OF TIME.  They also stock mostly crap from China AND I can get a little out of control in the dollar spot, too, (I know, you can hardly believe it!) so I avoid Target as much as I can. 
So back to the medicine cabinet.  Sorry, I thought this one was going to be short and sweet!  HA!  Luckily, I had already organized my "medicine cabinet" because we don't have a medicine cabinet, we have a box of medicine in the linen closet.  That was the first area I used some new containers when we did the linen closet challenge.  Love what I found at Deals or Dollar Tree, blue stacking, my favorite blue color and I see a lot of you have the same thing--love them!  I bought some more for my spice cabinet and I still have two left.  Wonder where I will use them???
Medicines were organized in the box before, just doesn't look like it.  We had the stuff more frequently used out on a shelf in our huge linen closet.  So, here is the before:
BEFORE--BEFORE, ugh, there's that dang laundry rearing its ugly head! 
BEFORE--AFTER--Put the frequently used medicines in the top blue basket.

BEFORE--AFTER  Tooth whitening stuff in the bottom.  I have a box of the rest of the medicine cabinet stuff to the right.
AFTER--AFTER, this is how that medicine box looked after I took out the medicines and put them in the blue basket....then I organized this box some more for the medicine cabinet challenge....
AFTER--AFTER--Now the less frequently used stuff is in here to the side on a shelf in the linen closet. 
There are like-items containerized within the box, you can't really tell, though. 
So, that's my "Medicine Cabinet"  Thanks for letting me rant!  Ha!  Now we probably both have a headache!  Take two of these and then contact me to arrange the "deal."  You know the "drug" that I want!!!


  1. It is not the exact one and it is more than twice what you would pay at Target, but it does look to be the same colors...


  2. 3rd Target was the charm, people! The search is over! : ) I'm ecstatic!


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