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Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 18--Kristal's Keepsakes

I was a little perplexed when I saw the challenge for today. I have a (mostly scrapbook) crafting basement which does need some tweaking in the organizational department. Toni at A Bowl Full Of Lemons
(oh man, I am figuring this linking and blogging stuff OUT!  Go me!) hinted at photo organization, so I am kinda thinking the craft room is going to be the project for this weekend.....so I thought, how do I do just keepsakes for today?  So I read through the people who have already tackled it and looked for ideas.   I think it's Kristy, over at Mom 2 Maya who posted about her daughter's keepsakes and how she had saved a note she put in lunch every day in 3rd Grade....so I gave her some ideas about making a keepsake of that for her to give her daughter when she leaves home....It got me thinking about a similar project I did last year to save my Christmas pictures, Christmas letters, cards, etc.  I LOVE what I did and plan to do one of these every year, so thought I would share that with you here today.
Overall Project--Used Christmas ribbons that I wrapped presents with and the ornament is a gift tag that went with some of my wrapping paper.

You may already know that I pick a different Christmas Theme every year.  Ya, I am THAT GIRL!  I usually try to plan the theme a year ahead so I can pick up my thematic wrapping paper, ribbons, special ornaments to commemorate the theme/year, etc. at the after-Christmas sales.  But sometimes, something happens that makes me change the theme.  This happened in 2009.  (That also happened this year, but that's another story.)  My husband and I got an AMAZING deal on a last minute cruise in 2009 (we LOVE Vacations To Go.com) but it happened really fast and we got back close to Thanksgiving and I was just inspired to change the theme from "A Homespun Christmas" to "A Caribbean Christmas!"

This is the "Christmas theme" that I used stickers to stick on the back of a photo Christmas card I received.

So, we put up my smaller tree (easier to decorate with what I had, since I was switching to something non-traditional) and I added in my small blue tree (I call it my Dr. Suess tree, it has a curvy trunk--DH hates it.) and also a small pink tinsel tree that I thought was cute at Big Lots after-Christmas Sale the year before (they have the best sale, got that baby 90% off, I think it was 50 cents.)  My mom came over after we decorated and took some pictures for us for our cards and I happened to find a template with a blue, a pink and a green tree!  Too perfect!
Our Christmas Card, 2009
This was a pretty card from Fidelity Investments, which I wouldn't normally save, but it had a beautiful quote on the front and the back was even pretty, so I added it to the book and embellished it a little, too.  Notice I hole punched the corners of everything with a small snowflake punch.
I added Christmas Letters and the left side are samples of my wrapping paper, so I can recall how pretty my packages were before they got ripped open!

The left side is a pre-made journaling spot that I attached to the back of a photo Christmas card and the right side is a picture of a souvenir ornament and rhinestone "ho ho ho" that I got at after-Christmas sale!
This is an envelope I made to hold a large Christmas Letter.  Attached to the plain back of a Christmas card.

Here is the envelope closed, with two brads and some cute green gnarly yarn.  Seriously, where do I come up with this stuff!?!?!  I'm pretty proud of this one!

This is the back of my little Christmas Keepsake.  This is a card we received from my cousin who got married on the beach in 2009, so I flipped it around and made it my back page.  So this is pretty from either side, as I have it hanging in my scrapbook basement so I can recall the tropical sun in my dark basement ; )
What did you do with your Keepsakes, today?  I can't wait to see everyone's post!


  1. I love your ideas! I've started something similar to that where we get postcards on vacation, write about the trip, and then turn it into a little keepsake book. However, I'm behind on that, just like I am on scrapbooking! LOL

  2. You have some fab ideas! Thanks for the idea for the picture frames, sounds amazing!

  3. Wow this is impressive scrapbooking! Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking a look at my master bedroom closet and I loved that you actually liked to look at my diaster closet. Im one of those people who also like to see that other people have messes too, I guess it makes me feel normal. Stop by again and visit anytime.


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