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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Are You My Mother?

Unfortunately, I am my mother's daughter.  My mother is a supreme packrat (aka: hoarder) and I am realizing that I am following in her footsteps.   I have been dreading, procrastinating, avoiding, putting off cleaning the dresser drawers (that's plural) for the Day 6 challenge at abowlfulloflemons.blogspot.com all weekend.  I even pulled the hair out of my bathroom drain with my handy dandy, as seen on TV, Turbo Snake...to put off the dresser just a little.bit.longer.  That is about the grossest thing a person can do, if you aren't familiar with that particular cleaning task.  So, here it goes.... My Dresser DrawerS
BEFORE--Dresser DrawerS
ALL weekend long I have been thinking about my dresser and trying to visualize how to re-arrange it so that it works better for me.  I have a whole drawer of swimming suits and another whole drawer of shorts and another whole drawer of socks missing their mother, but I'll get to that part in a minute...
We got our first real snow yesterday and it's supposed to be in the single digits this week, so I was thinking I could pack away my shorts and most of my swimming suits in a neat-o clear plastic tub that I got on sale for just this type of thing!!!  This brilliant move will allow me more room for my pj's and for my socks!
BEFORE--Sock Drawer that needs MAJOR help!
Deep down on the inside, I am really a girl who likes to match her socks up, and color categorizes them, but I have about 4 years worth of laundry to catch up on (I wish I was kidding) and so, most of the time when I try to match my socks, it just ain't happenin'.  I have had to buy more socks and more socks because I am a real estate agent and there are not a lot of days that go by that I don't have my shoes off and clients or sellers or other real estate agents can see if I am wearing mismatched socks (or holy ones, for that matter.)  I have also been known to raid my husbands sock drawer and I found a few of HIS socks in MY drawer along with my brown tank top!  I truly can't figure out how that got in there.  But I guess I am really THAT bad.
BEFORE--Sock drawer that needs help and FOUND Brown Tank!  Yay!  Totally made this whole challenge worth it!  Even though it's all wrinkly and I have to wash it.
AFTER--Tights and Lost Socks Missing their Mother  : (
 I am beginning to wonder if my washing machine has an eating disorder?  What do you think????
Clean Socks without a match : (
Here are the ones I was able to match up amongst the mess I started out with....and I added a couple of swimming suits and a cover-up in case someone invites me on a last minute trip or cruise or to an indoor pool!  (Hint, hint!)  I like to be prepared.

AFTER--Matched Socks and Swimming Suit Drawer
So now we come to the bra and panty drawers.  A lot of people have been calling them unmentionables, but when you say that, you are mentioning them, aren't you?  I am not an underwear folding type of person (again, the less time spent on laundry, the happier I am) but I did organize and fold my bras just for you (yes, I'm mentioning it) and even bought a new pair of panties to put on top for the picture, to cover up all of my unfolded panties.  Actually, I bought those in 2010 and just haven't washed them yet, big surprise, I know.
AFTER--BRAS & PANTIES--My unmentionables are on the internet and published in a BLOG!  OMG!
AFTER--PJ's and Nightie (Naughty?)  Drawer

AFTER--PJ's, etc.

So the Dresser DrawerS are DONE!  I'm pulling out a naughty nightie and I'm headed to bed! ; )
Catch you tomorrow for DAY 8 of the 21 Day Organizing Challenge at A Bowl Full Of Lemons.  Join in, it's so much fricking fun!!!


  1. Nice work! I dread matching socks but can't seem to throw away the unmatched ones in case I find the match lol I'm also cathing up on years worth of laundry so you never know when the match will show up :)

  2. Looks great! I can't believe you posted your undies on the web! Woo hoo I did too though...and my "miscellanous undergarments" aka nighties lol.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. You are really getting organized, keep up the good work. By the way I am participating in Jenny's challenge over at http://wordsonwendhurst.com/ which is to get rid of 111 items this month. So far its been pretty easy for me. You should check it out.

  4. Ill make you a deal, you come snake out my pipes (no indoor pool though) and ill come sort and fold your clothes.
    Luckily I don't have to wear dress socks often, all my everyday socks are the same brand type style, I bought 5 6 packs a few years ago and cut al my old ones into rags, about once a year or so, I buy another package that matches. I also bought multiple pairs of my dress socks, making matching them much easier! I often don't even pair them (I know how to count to 2) I just grab 2 and go.


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