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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 16--The Refrigerator

I KNEW this was coming.  We had Taco Monday and had my mom over to watch the Bachelor, so I had a ton of bowls stuffed in all over my fridge from taco leftovers....what a perfect night to have leftover tacos and get that stuff out of my fridge and take my pictures and CLEAN IT OUT while all that extra stuff was outta there. 
BEFORE--The Fridge
BEFORE--The Fridge Door
It's kind of like the Ark: margarita mix--two-by-two, two mustards, two bbq sauces, two soy sauces, two Italian dressings, two cocktail sauces, two lime juices, two lemon juices.  Obviously not sure of what I had at home while I was at the store....not anymore!
BEFORE--"Droppings" in the "Ark"

I had a brown, goopey mess hiding under the bottom shelf, behind my produce drawers.  Chocolate fondue?  Cola?  I don't know for sure and I wasn't curious enough to test it out!  Or sick enough to take a picture.  Took the first half of American Idol to soak it out of there.  I tackled this job on the commercial breaks.  I am not normally an Idol watcher (The Bachelor is the only show I am dedicated to!)  But doing this during the commercial breaks and just one section at a time, worked out nicely and it really wasn't such a chore.  I was really bummed and a little perplexed of what to use to clean out my refrigerator since learning about TOXIC CHEMICALS from Toni at abowlfulloflemons.blogspot.com  I mean, what was I going to spray in there with my FOOD and then shut the door???!?!?  Not something I would have even worried about or considered just 2 weeks ago.  But, my Shaklee products should be here VERY SOON!  Like, tomorrow, people!!!  I seriously can't wait to clean my oven with the Scour Off!  And clean my porcelain sink, and mop my floors...and...!!!  So, I used my "LA's Awesome" cleaner.  It says non-toxic, no bleach, amonia, etc....and it is a concentrate that you dilute, so I diluted it to 10 to 1 for general cleaning and thoroughly wiped down everything with hot water first, so it was kind of just a quick disinfectant and hopefully not too potent in there...I mean, I don't THINK it's gonna blow the door off, or anything...anyway, here are some after pictures:
AFTER--The Fridge
AFTER--The Fridge Door
Obviously, I grouped like items together after wiping everything down and washing the shelves in the sink.  I did add a couple of baskets, which I never would have thought of doing in the fridge until seeing Toni do it.  She is just so cool!  That woman is changing my life!  How about yours? 
AFTER--small basket of Tabasco, (two) small syrups and lemon and lime juices.
Holy cow, all my jellies are together?!?!?  How did that happen!?!?!  It's the little things, isn't it?


  1. Wow great job! Love the ark fridge door LOL! The bottom of my fridge also has brown goo... I'm afraid. I'm doing my fridge in little bits, purging old stuff as I get a chance. I think tonight I'll finally have time to CLEAN it. Not looking forward to it, but can't wait to have a clean organized fridge! Wish my fridge was as big as yours hah! Thanks for coming by my site! <3 comments :)

  2. Oh my, you're a food hoarder just like me!! I also had two of everything... and both were still good! I'm just always scared I'm going to run out of something, and omg, it'll be the end of the world! I wasn't able to post yesterday (um. three kids. that's all I have to say.) and was going to do two today. I did the fridge and took the pictures, and bought my stuff for today's challenge, got home... camera has going MIA. Kids swear they haven't seen it though.

  3. I love "The Ark" pics. I guess I wasn't the only one with twins. It didn't get into the post, but we are working on 2 4 Liter milk jugs at once. Those babies are huge.

    Doesn't it feel better to have everything in order though? Thanks for posting your pics and stopping by at em-belle-ish.


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