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Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 8 of the 21 Day Challenge!

Wow, we are over 1/3 done!
Could hardly sleep last night, you know, the brain wouldn't shut down....thinking about all I had accomplished this weekend, wondering when I am going to get over this cold, dwelling on the Chiefs loss, speculating about what the Day 8 Challenge was going to be.  Woke up (well, got up--I wasn't really asleep much last night) at 5:30 am with my husband to a bunch more snow.  I think we had about 1 or two inches on the ground yesterday and I would guess there is about 5-6 inches now.  Hopped on abowlfulloflemons.blogspot.com and saw the Challenge for today....the Coat Closet!  Perfect for a wintery day like this and definitely something I'd been thinking about tackling!  Again, the top isn't too bad, but the stuff tends to accumulate in the bottom.  I have a rubber broom/squeegie that I love and I keep it in the coat closet, but it was always a tangle getting it in and out of there, now it has a designated spot and is easily accessible.
BEFORE--Coat/Broom Closet
I checked out the 5 Coat Closet posters before me, for some ideas.  I bought some new hangers last night (another reason I can't do laundry, no hangers ; )  Matching hangers seemed to be a trend among the posters, so I picked out the black hangers and started shifting my coats over to them.  I really wanted to get the slim-line hangers, because I need more space in my closets.  But just couldn't justify the $18 for 20 hangers, when I could get 46 for $5.17 and they are made in the USA!  (We only buy Chinese crap as a LAST resort.)  While I was changing over coats, look what I found!
FOUND--Cute red jacket I didn't know I had and a kids hanger?
Where does this stuff come from?  I saw one lady that hung her scarves on a hanger, so I copied that idea and used the kids hanger.
So Now My Scarves Look Like This!  YAY!  

Then I pulled everything out of the bottom and found a bunch of junk and dirt and dust bunnies and pheasant feathers!  I bet I am the only person who finds pheasant feathers in her coat closet!  I got married 2 years ago in October and decorated with pheasant feathers in the flowers, as my dearly beloved is a pheasant hunter.  It looked really pretty and different, which I love.
BEFORE/DURING--See the feathers and filth?

That all came out of the coat closet. Where does this stuff come from?  Please don't answer that.  Yuck!
 So, I got with it and now my coat closet looks like this:
AFTER--Coat Closet

AFTER--Sparkling Clean!
Well, this composing has done me in, having a little bit 'o technical difficulties this morning with my post /: [  Probably due to that dang Clear Wireless.  I'm not gonna get started on THAT rant today, though.  Happy Organizing everybody!


  1. That looks great! Plus your post took me back about 20 years. Mom was always commenting on how dads pheasant feathers found the oddest places to hide. :)

  2. looks awesome!! love the red coat you found!!

    i have acouple pheasant feathers in my bedroom right now.. DH's coworker gave them to stick in his hat..


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