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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Day 14 of the 21 day challenge at www.abowlfulloflemons.blogspot.com was under the rest of your sinks!  Luckily (?) I had to attack that area along with my linen closet because I wanted to do some re-arrangin' under there.  So, here's dem before pictures:
BEFORE--Under the Bathroom Sinks.
BEFORE--Under the Bathroom Sinks.
BEFORE--Under the Bathroom Sinks.
It was really ugly and dark down there.  So pulled everything out and wiped it all down, wiped down all the junk inside of there and started filling in and organizing items from the linen closet that I wanted to get in here.
I also took a picture of my husbands drawer in the bathroom.
BEFORE--Husbands junk drawer.  This is actually during, I guess I didn't get a true before picture because I started pulling out all of his flossers.... (?)

DURING--Husbands junk
There were 4 combs, 5 tubes of toothpaste (apparently he can't throw them away, because 4 were practically empty.)  Our work is never done, is it ladies?  Ugh.  Now it looks like this:
AFTER--Husbands Bathroom Junk.
I also picked up some masculine contact paper to tackle this drawer, to be revealed at my Groundhog Day Check-up!  Oh, the anticipation, I know you can hardly stand it!
I also took a picture of the downstairs bathroom sink, or maybe not.  Here is how it looks now, after tackling it with the laundry room.  I'm proud of myself for actually doing these things and getting them done, instead of just doing the minimum or copping out or "cheating."  Not that I normally do that, but I have seen a few areas now that I feel good about myself for doing the work.  I'll say it again, it is so nice to be doing these chores and for people to notice!  Instead of just doing these mundane tasks, completely thankless.  The challenge aspect is fun and interesting and I enjoy the camaraderie.  So thanks, ladies, for all you have done and all you are doing.  You are all awesome!
Here are my after pics:
AFTER--Under the Bathroom Sinks

AFTER--Under the Bathroom Sinks

AFTER---Under the Bathroom Sinks

BEFORE--Under the Basement/Laundry Room Bathroom Sink
AFTER--Under the Basement/Laundry Room Bathroom Sink
I did go ahead and contact paper down there.  I had a little mishap yesterday in the laundry room.  I guess when I moved the washing machine as close to the corner as I could get it in order to build my leaning tower of laundry....the drain hose got messed up and ended up coming out and draining all the water on the floor in the laundry room.  Luckily, my husband caught it early.  He also dropped a whole load of his clothes on the floor there, so they absorbed some water, which was good and bad.  We found the problem and ran 2 test loads now with no water on the floor.  Mopped it all up and ran 3 fans through the night to dry it out and hopefully not breed any mold.  Little bit of a bummer, but nothing really ruined and we worked together (me during the Bachelor commercial breaks!) to get it cleaned up.  The floor needed a good moppin' anyway, right!?!  Now it is shiny clean and only 21 loads of laundry to go...


  1. KRistal, YOu need to shaklee-ize your blog!!! ;)

  2. the skirt around the sink! why didn't I think of that, brilliant!


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