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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 9 of the 21 Day Organization Challenge--Toys!

We don't have any real kids, so I considered several options to clean today. I do have MY toys...a craft basement, but I'm betting that one of the challenges is going to be a craft or hobby space (and I'm hoping it's on a weekend, because I am not going to be able to really organize it in one day...) I also thought about cleaning out the pets crate of toys and outfits, but that seemed kind of like a cheat, not a lot to do there, so I combined a couple of small jobs. Our dogs live in the garage (which is climate controlled) and I can't believe I am going to show this before picture, but everybody is sharing their messes, so I'm keeping it real, too.
BEFORE--"Kids" playroom
Pepper, our black lab has been chewing everything up, so this mess has needed cleaned up anyway.  So now it looks like this:
AFTER--"Kids" playroom
Then I cleaned out their toybox.  There are a few outfits that Skarlit had as a puppy that I haven't wanted to get rid of, but she is too big.  She LOVES to dress up.  Pepper does not, Pepper only likes to wear scarves, so really this is Skarlit's toybox.
BEFORE--"Kids" Toybox 
AFTER--"Kids" Toybox

I organized the hair bows and put them together in Skarlit's Coach Collar box.  She is too big for her jean jacket and her Hawaiian print shirt, so those went in the donate box.
Skarlit's denim jacket--too small : (

This one is too small as well, REALLY bummed about that because it has rhinestones on the belt.  I am going to see if it will fit my friend's Scottie--Patsy.  Won't that be cute on a black dog?!?!?

BEFORE--Game Area
I decided to also do this toy area.  I still had up my funky blue tree (that my husband hates, he's so traditional) and my little pink sparkly tree.  This is downstairs in my craft basement, so I decided to put them away.  The inside of the cabinet is already totally organized, so didn't need to do anything there.  I didn't even take an after picture, I hope that's ok with you!
In reading other people's blogs, I kept seeing something about Flylady, so today I found her and I joined that, too.  So, here is my shiny sink! 
It does make me smile when I see it!  Hope you had a great Tuesday and I'll see you later on Wednesday when I tackle the Laundry Room for Day 10!  (Does that mean I have to do laundry tomorrow?)  Yuck!


  1. lol I was shamed into doing one load of laundry today! No socks though!! Looks great!

  2. Your "kids" are so cute. Congrats on giving away the small clothes. :) I've been kind of fluttering with Flylady since I was pregnant with my youngest and she'll be 9 this year yikes! I can tell you that it does sink in even if you don't do all the babysteps or "fall off the wagon" sometimes. Something about her emails and the way she's so encouraging, it starts to replace all the bad stuff in your head well ok my head anyway hehe. Laundry was a HUGE issue for me for so long and eventually it got to where I was automatically doing at least a load everyday and not even thinking about it.


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