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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Almost caught up with the 21 day Organizing Challenge!

Pantry and Dresser is all I have left and I will be caught up for Day 8 on Monday!  This is surprisingly fun.  Check out Blog ABowlFullOfLemons.blogspot.com and join the fun!  This is all stuff that has needed to be done and doing it with the challenge at least you have company, motivation, a goal/direction...who knew getting organized could feel this great!?!?  Pantry wasn't too bad.  I was dreading the floor and the bottom shelf because I wasn't really sure what I was going to find in there.....luckily no bugs or evidence of critters!
I did find this though....

Looks harmless, right?

Um, ya, that's cheese.
That was the only grossness, though.  So here is what I had to work with:
BEFORE--Pantry Top, can you find the His & Hers Peanut Butter?
BEFORE--Pantry Bottom--The bad part
So I got to work.  I ran out of contact paper, so didn't get all the shelves papered and I had to piece-meal the bottom shelf, but I like how it turned out.  There were about a million plastic bags down there.  I don't even know where all the stuff was on the floor there because I pulled out onions, potatoes, cereal, napkins, a million plastic sacs, deep fryer, brown paper sacks and a blender!!!  That space is only 32" wide, 16" tall and 12" deep.  I think Narnia must be back there too, because there is no way I could have fit all that crap back down there.  I'm really good about taking my reusable sacs to Aldi, but not anywhere else.  I have been keeping all of our plastic sacs because we use them for doggie doo doo and kitty poo, too.  There is no way I will ever use all of the ones I pulled out of the pantry, though.  Sad when you think that those are all just from one household....ok, I promise to start using my reusable sacs everywhere else.  Now, on to the AFTER!
AFTER-Pantry Top
AFTER--Pantry Middle
AFTER--Pantry Bottom
And, I can easily close the door and see some floor!  Oooooh Pantry, you sure have a nice bottom!  That's pretty impressive because there is an ENTIRE Shelf of Chips!  And now, I think I will have some.


  1. I was laughing before I even started reading. Pantrified! That's great. Narnia had be shushing myself so I don't wake anybody up.

    Great post!

  2. LOL - that Cheese is horrible! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has found similar things 'living' behind the closed door ...looks so good now!

  3. I forgot to mention that I also spread bay leaves around my pantry and kitchen. Supposed to be a natural insecticide. According to Wikipedia: "Bay leaves can also be scattered in a pantry to repel meal moths[5], flies and roaches."

  4. I haven't seen cheese sticks in years! Made me laugh, I am going to nominate you for a stylish blooger award. see detail on my blog http://goodbyecityhellosuburbs.blogspot.com/

  5. Um, ya, I hadn't seen cheese sticks in years apparently either! Thanks for the comments and nomination.


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