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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 10, Day 11, What day is it???

Freezer Day!  I can't believe it is 6:11 pm and there are only 3 people who have posted their freezer Challenge.  Are people dropping out?  Dying of de-clutter exhaustion or over-exposure to toxic cleaners?  What is the deal?  I hope more people post soon.  I'm dying to know what's in your freezer!  Maybe curiosity killed some of the past participants?   Most of the challenges have over 50 posters....
I knew my freezer was dirty and there would be a few freezer-burned items to deal with, what I was not expecting was a decomposing fudge bar.  I didn't even open it.  I could tell it was bad just from the feeling and the way it flopped around in the white wrapper.  Aren't those full of preservatives?  It's a puzzle.  I also threw out a whole bag of whiting fillets and 1/2 a pack of pre-made hamburgers from my husbands 30th birthday cookout, um he's 34 now.  Wait a minute, he just said they are from 2008, MUCH better!  Ha!  Guess I'll start the Sharpie tip I saw yesterday, marking everything with the date you open it.
Here is the BEFORE grossness.

BEFORE--Freezer Door
So, I pulled everything out and found the pheasants that my husband brought home from his last hunting trip.  He went with a guy from church who DOES NOT clean the pheasant the way my husband usually does, so I was surprised to see legs and feet and talons in my freezer.  (Shocked, to say the least!)
There's a pheasant in my freezer, dear Liza, dear Liza...?!?!
I should have thrown it in the trash with this stuff!
Freezer burned casualties
Here is how my freezer looks now.  I put all of my fruits and veggies in the door on the most visible shelf and the stuff we need to eat soon on the left side and the other stuff on the right side.  Ice cream and frosty mugs on the top shelf.  Too bad it's too cold for a root beer float.  Not too cold for a beer, though!  We have so much room in our freezer, I'm shocked!  By the way, I'm considering becoming Catholic after all of this is over.  I'm getting REALLY good at this Confessional stuff, dontcha think?
I did give it a really good cleaning, too!  I even dumped all of the ice, washed the ice container and ice scoop and put it back in to have all nice, new fresh ice.  Domestic Goddess comes to mind when I open a lot of doors around my home now, including the freezer door!  Ha!

AFTER--Freezer Door

Today was my easiest and quickest challenge so far.  Check back tomorrow to see....is the fridge next?  Do participants recover from their exhaustion and post their challenges?  Has Kristal found any of her missing socks and just how many loads of laundry does she need to do?  Perhaps the answers to these burning questions will be discovered during The 21 Day Organizing Challenge at www.abowlfulloflemons.blogspot.com 
Won't you tune in tomorrow?


  1. LOL! I love your funny narrations! I'm going to follow you... laughing does me good! :D

  2. p.s. - Thanks for the advice for my furnace closet. I have one of those magic erasers, but had no idea I could use it on sheetrock. Is that safe? I've never heard of the other stuff...

  3. Great job on your freezer.

    I'm participating in the 21 day challenge too but found you through a comment you left at Avery & Winslow. I was thinking of doing a "after the challenge" post too - Groundhogs day sounds like a great idea.

  4. You are entirely 100% completely mad. Its never too cold for a rootbeer float. I really enjoy reading your posts, keep it up, ill be follwing you!
    Cyndi @ Loftee Ideas


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