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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 15: Medicine/Vitamin Storage

BEFORE--Medicine/Vitamins Storage

An easy one!  Not much to do here....tackled this with my Medicine cabinet.  We do have a small supply of vitamins and supplements in the kitchen and this cabinet did need a little tweaking, so here is the before....
BEFORE--Medicine/Vitamin Storage
AFTER--Vitamins/Medicine Storage
I have his and hers vitamins on the small lazy Susan (what I used to have my spices on before we moved into this house and I got the BIG one!  I still have my cocoa and baking soda and baking powder here.  This is kind of my "baking cabinet."  I have my measuring cups, some Pampered Chef items that aren't frequently used, sugars and extra flour storage, lemon juicer, strainers, sifter.  Here is each shelf:
AFTER--Vitamins Storage.  This is a deep corner cabinet, flours and sugars are stored to the right....
AFTER--Measuring Cups/Measuring Bowls and Strainer.  I wiped down these shelves, but this picture doesn't look like it?!?!
AFTER--Additional supplements husband doesn't take, (just reminded him they are in here...) Salad Spinner from Ikea--love it, and meat ties for Rotisserie and cooking product--GT Express 101 that I haven't used yet, need to try it out--my present from our Gunter Family Dirty Santa.
AFTER--Pampered Chef Stones and Cake Pans
 I couldn't remember for sure what the bottom item was, since the box wasn't marked.  I knew it was my muffin pan or my mini loaf stone...so I stamped a cupcake on it and wrote "muffin pan" on the box so I don't have to climb up and pull it out to check when I am looking for either...So that's the end of the Vitamins/Medicine Storage!
I needed an easy challenge because I had some other projects that I have been working on.  I did find some cabinet hardware to replace on the desk my husband built in high school.  I love how it turned out.  I thought I had a before picture, but can't find it. ; (  Here is how it looks now.  There are two large file drawers, so I got the large "cup style" pulls for the bottom and the coordinating smaller ones for the 4 top drawers.  $28 total for all 6 handles.  A little more than I wanted to spend, but the "cup style" pulls were all too small except for this one and a galvanized silver one from Martha Stewart that was a little too industrial for my taste. 
AFTER-- New desk hardware and hubby likes it, too!
I replaced a toilet seat.  Didn't intend to do that, but our toilet seat had the metal attachments that looked nice when we installed it, but now is discolored from the chemicals I used to clean the toilet, I guess.  I found one made in the USA that has plastic bolt locks that you can easily remove the entire top and easily clean for less than $10 at Lowe's!  I also found some foam "washers" (Made in USA) that are supposed to prevent slipping and sliding toilet seats....for under $3 when I was looking for replacement toilet bolt covers.  Now my toilets look great and don't slide around!  Can't see those rusty bolts anymore, either!  So, since I've been introduced to Toni and Shaklee products, I've been doing some research and really thinking about all those chemicals in my house....I had not heard anything about Shaklee until finding her site and started researching Shaklee and I love that they are A+ rated on Better Business Bureau (for more than 20 years...) and products made in the USA and good for the environment in several different ways!  And they are REALLY affordable! Cheaper than anything else, really!  Win-Win-Win-Win! (I'm excited, can you tell?!)  I was thinking there were a few products that I wanted to try and as I thought about things and looked into the products, I thought, I might want to give these as housewarming gifts to my clients that move into a new home.  (I am a Realtor and many moving companies will not move household chemicals.)  How great to give a gift that they need, that is good for our world and that is good for their new home environment!?!?  So, (drumroll, please....) I decided to sign up to be a Distributor with Toni's Team!  I have been furiously using up the cleaning products I have (a lot inherited from clients moving over the years...hate to see things go to waste...) and intend to take what is left over and donate it to a women's shelter and get those chemicals out of MY life!  My Shaklee products shipped today, so I can hardly wait to try them out and let you know what I REALLY think!  I can't wait to clean the oven!!!  I never thought I would EVER say THAT!  All of these chemicals have been really weighing on my mind as I go through the different daily challenges from Toni at abowlfulloflemons.blogspot.com...."gee, do I really want to use these chemicals in my refrigerator, in an enclosed area with my food?"  And seeing all the pictures from throughout my house, chemicals under every sink....it makes me sad and not even something I was attuned to just 2 short weeks ago....amazing! 
BEFORE--Just some of the Toxic Chemicals lurking under my sink!  Yikes! 

I also took the child-proof locks off of our bathroom cabinets.  We don't have real kids yet, and soon all of my TOXIC CHEMICALS will be outta here, so off they came!  Such a simple thing and my husband even commented about how glad he was to have those off!  We've only been here 4 years and I can't tell you how torn up my hands are from those stupid things.  Sheesh!  I guess it's what we get used to, but so thankful for the changes happening in my life in 2011 ("Money-Eleven!")

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